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My unannounced Hiatus continues as I drown in an ever lasting state of exhaustion and college work.



Emily Francis
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    我爱你 了达 :iconelfsama::iconflansy: Kiriban: 75565 Rye icon by killjoykittytoddchibiicon by killjoykitty


School Work: Anguish by ElfSama
School Work: Anguish
The final portion of my Introduction to Drawing class, a somewhat large, and poor quality, photo of my final project.
It's merely a whirlpool of tortured women that evolved from my earlier ladies series. 
The colors are all actually small micro lines done by a 005 pen tip, but the photo makes it all look like a solid color no matter how much you zoom in OTL

Art (c) me
Waldo (c) Where's Wally (Waldo)
School Work: Drawing Class Dump by ElfSama
School Work: Drawing Class Dump
A dump of some of my work from my introduction to drawing class~

First up is the 10 minute studies
Which are just of my classmates.

Second are still lives. 
I adored the skulls and skeletons as you can see >v>;
The final on is a baby dinosaur cast from our local museum~

Finally are my ugly self portraits...
Drawing from pictures is not as fun or easy as drawing from life...

Art (c) me~
HPM: Fey by ElfSama
HPM: Fey
Some gift art for LadyMeowCat ;V;
For two things!

One being her birthday! Or so I think it is, Skype tell me you don't lie
The other being for the lovely group art she made for all the mods! ;V;
Thank you Lady!
I wasn't sure if Glacier evolved or not yet ;A; so I kept him a swinub

Art (c) me
Fey (c) LadyMeowCat
BR: Jolly Donkle by ElfSama
BR: Jolly Donkle

Jolly Donkle
Age: 34
Birth date: January 3rd (Capricorn)
Gender: Male

Hometown: Dendemille Town
Occupation: Ranch Veterinarian

Type of Trainer: New
Favorite Type: Fairy
Least Favorite Type: Fighting

Externally pleasant, internally stern, and fairly hard headed.
One could think of Jolly in a fairly simple manner. As soft as an Altaria's plush wings on the outside, with a tender grin and smiling eyes. But rugged and stern like a Geodude's harsh surface on the inside. Yes, within Jolly is a man who will put up with no tomfoolery. He does not command obedience, but it is respected and desired when it comes to patients. He is not known to be physically forceful, despite his size, and prefers to be verbally persuasive.

Manners are something he knows well, when he wants to, and when his aging mother is not around to enforce them. Otherwise he is a man who will turn his back and walk away should he not like where a conversation may be heading, being evasive of subjects and situations he does not feel comfortable with. He cannot help but gravitate towards trouble due to two factors. Curiosity and care. Jolly does enjoy helping people, and feels responsible to ensure their safety.

Nature is important to Jolly. He does not like cities, and is too stubborn to learn how to use any technology beyond Pokemon Center machines and what is needed. Small towns, mountains, anything where less humans live is clearly superior to the congested and loud city life. 

History: (Written while sleepy, needs to be read through >v>; )
On a snowy afternoon, when the sun was not strong enough to force its way through the thick layer of clouds, Jolly was born to a nurse of a Pokemon center. His father was a man of the world, a Pokemon trainer who was romantic, but hardly successful; often depending on mediocre paintings for a living. Both were on the older side of life, in their thirties and not as young as many parents. 

His childhood was not notably unusual. Half the year he had both his parents in the home. His father would play with him much of the day and in the evenings would read him adventurous stories of Pokemon trainers. While his mother would cook hearty warm meals and keep him in line.
The other half of the year would be spent with his mother alone. No longer could the father sit idle around the home, or find a job which hooked his attention. He would kiss his family farewell and be off on another adventure with his Pokemon. These were the months where Jolly began to learn what work was. His mother was not as playful as his father, instead chores would have to be done before there could be any play. With no one to watch him through the day, he now had to spend long hours in the lobby of the Pokemon Center where his mother worked, playing with toys or reading picture books.

As he aged he grew to be a responsible young boy. He knew what chores he had to complete and he knew to help with dinner or feed any Pokemon at the Pokemon Center who had to spend the night. 
When he was eight would be the year his father did not return from one of his trips. It was unknown what had happened to him yet he could see his mother wilt more and more with each passing day. They never found out what had happened to the man, although gossip around town would tell you that he had likely tripped off a mountain side, had been eaten by a Wailord, or perhaps left his aging wife for one more young and pretty on some exotic island. 

The pair would grow used to their lonely lives, each supporting the other is their tasks. Jolly would grow more and more. He would take a job as a ranch hand, helping herd the Tauros, shear the mareep, and lift heavy bails of hay to and fro. When he was not out on the ranch he would be with his mother learning the ways of the Pokemon Center. He soon knew how to work the machine, assist with dire injuries, and how to properly hide any medicine and bitter herbs in the food of the Pokemon. 

By the time he was in his mid twenties he had begun to combine the jobs he knew to become a ranch veterinarian. It was not easy for those living outside of town to bring in their ill or wounded livestock. Instead Jolly would come to them. 
At this time in his life he had learned that smiles went miles with patients over his more serious frown. And smiles also went over a lot better with the ladies. A sweet girl had begun to appear in his life. She was a homely thing, not at all the standards of beauty, but had a big open heart. With two ginger braids over her shoulders, and a long face looking lovingly into his, the two would date for three years before their marriage when Jolly was 28. 
Dating was one thing, but living with one another was something else. They started their marriage happy, but after two years it began to fall apart. She complained he did not speak to her enough, that he did not open up and tell her all his worries. She was upset by his strict rules on what needed to be done around the house, and on his narrow minded opinions. He had heard that women nagged, but no one nagged like this one!

The divorce came when he was 32, and surprisingly it left him hollow inside and even more grumpy around the house than normal. Two more years would pass before his mother had to do something with this man. He was too caught up in this small town and in caring for her. He knew so little of the world and no longer had the dreamy adventurous stories his father once filled his head with.
With what little saving she had she bought a ticket behind his back for a ship to somewhere new and presented it to him on evening at dinner. Jolly frowned at the idea, worried for his old mother and the people of this town, perhaps even scared to venture so far from the only place he knew. But his mother had always been a hard nut, her glare and solid tone was all he needed to know there was no changing her own stubborn mind. 
He would leave next week with a gift from his mother, a new backpack. A good long hug and the promise to send letters were their goodbyes as he turned from his home to head out into the world for the first time. 

- On his backpack is a Jigglypuff key chain that his father once gave his mother.
- Jolly enjoys taking walks, it reminds him of the walks he took with his mother every evening after dinner. 
- He is honestly a hard man to please, though he likes when work gets done. 
- Being a trainer is unusual and nostalgic for Jolly.  
- Nothing unnecessary should be worried about, focus on what is important or Jolly will be irritated.
- His mother's name is Gloria Donkle (age 66), while his father's name was Kent Donkle.
- His father's pokemon were a Voltorb and Purugly.
- Jolly knows how to cook, be it at home on a stove, or at a camp over a fire. 







Art, Jolly (c) me
Application template (c) 

School Work: Nest by ElfSama
School Work: Nest
With the end of the semester comes all the art I have been working on~
So expect a dump soon!
Till then have my Ladies collection~

The other pieces:

Art (c) me

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