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About Digital Art / Student Core Member Emily FrancisFemale/United States Groups :iconharvest-lunatone: Harvest-Lunatone
A Slice of the Peaceful Life
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HL: Groovy Goliath :iconelfsama:ElfSama 12 4
HL: R2 - What Have They Done
    What have I done? Oh, this I asked myself time and again;― and more times yet I ask it still! What have I done?
    Look, there! They lay before me, two bodies warmth draining. Their flesh clammy, waxy, pallid in the dreary light. Their limbs shrouded in the thickness of devourous fog― intangible hands, so white, near cousins to snow, grasping at their ankles and prepared, at any moment, to drag them into this bleak abyss! And their eyes! Two sets each, one pair black as the darkest pitch, and the other deep as running crimson. Their eyes, they did not run dry and wither within the sockets, sightlessly peering into heavens too distant to see. No, these eyes saw― these eyes saw me! What have I done to these eyes to make them look at me with such deep rooted horror that it expands into the depths of my own conscious and quakes all limbs attached to my core?
    There! A clue! A clue to the heinous act that now escapes me! Moisture clung
:iconelfsama:ElfSama 5 3
Missing Montana :iconelfsama:ElfSama 49 8 HL: R1 - Terror in the Kelp :iconelfsama:ElfSama 22 19 HL: Needily Nun :iconelfsama:ElfSama 13 7
Mature content
Commission - The Caracal :iconelfsama:ElfSama 15 2
ElfSama's Commission Information [OPEN] :iconelfsama:ElfSama 9 0 HL: Tai Bust :iconelfsama:ElfSama 17 2 Little Traps :iconelfsama:ElfSama 22 4 HL: A Boy and his Sandygast :iconelfsama:ElfSama 25 7
HL: Myths of Sinnoh
Grey eyes lovingly adored the page,
pale fingers skimmed over black ink.
Imagination leapt to the stage,
the text an intoxicating drink!
She couldn't help but think
that temptation was truly an awful foe!
She had almost cracked, she was on the brink,
for that book! For "Myths of Sinnoh"!
The altar was looking forlorn and glum
as elegant candles melted away.
Buying that book would be dumb
for now was no time for play,
there had to be light to pray!
So with crippling agony and woe,
to her vows, she would not stray
for that book, for "Myths of Sinnoh".
Drip. Drip. Drop. There was a leak
up high where shingles had worn.
They fell like tears down a cheek
and to this fix she was sworn.
Within her chest, her heart was torn
for the novel could not staunch the flow.
Already in black, she would mourn
for that book, for "Myths of Sinnoh".
She looked back at the stall that day,
where the old tome was set for show,
her heart cracking in dismay
for that book, for "Myths of Sinnoh"!
:iconelfsama:ElfSama 3 0
HL: Rye's Market Day :iconelfsama:ElfSama 8 2 [Adopt - OPEN] Monster: Madonna :iconelfsama:ElfSama 10 15 HL: Little Winter Nest :iconelfsama:ElfSama 36 5 HL - Heart Event: The Eye :iconelfsama:ElfSama 20 3 HL: Crack Babies - Cele :iconelfsama:ElfSama 24 22



Emily Francis
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
    我爱你 了达 :iconelfsama::iconflansy: HLT: Surprise Delibird Delivery by LadyIidako Rye icon by killjoykitty toddchibiicon by killjoykitty

Bandwagon It // What Kind of Artist Am I to You? 

10 deviants said "Idol" Artist || You are an artist I look up to, get inspiration from, and sometimes I wish I had your talent.
8 deviants said A Compassionate Community Artist || You are an artist who helps others, even if it means putting down what you're working on. Your art is great, but your heart is greater.
4 deviants said A Normal Artist || You are a typical, everyday artist and I have neutral feelings about you as a person.
4 deviants said "Invisible" Artist || You're more of an enigma, uploading art and staying at the sidelines rather than participating much with watchers. You appreciate the attention but you're not too 'social'
1 deviant said An Improving Artist || Skilled enough, but not that great. There are many things you can fix about your work.
No deviants said "People's" Artist || You do what everyone WANTS you to do. You tend to work more on fanart, requests, and community projects than original work. If the community doesn't like it, neither do you.
No deviants said "Tunnel Vision" Artist || You draw a lot of the same subject matter and rarely divert from it, even when others suggest you should. As enjoyable as your work is your lack of ambition to vary subject matter is dragging down whatever talent you may have.
No deviants said "Stuck Up" Artist || You have tons of fans but sub-par artwork. The attention you get is not all deserved. Although you can be nice, most of the time you're too 'busy' soaking up popularity.
No deviants said "Whiner-Brat" Artist || Your artwork is enjoyable but I strongly dislike and often am at odds with you as a person and your attitude. You have a problem with everything, and use your fans as a way to vent/complain.
No deviants said Not an Artist.


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