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My husband bought me Pokemon Moon, and thus begins my first Nuzlocke adventure!

Rules I'm following:
- No Mercy, Pokemon who faint are stored in the PC (Under a box titled 'Cemetery')
- Only the first Pokemon in each new area/route can be captured to join the team. If they faint, there's no retry.

Below is the journal of young Emily, a girl of fair skin and pink brown hair. Newly moved to the Melemele island with her single mother, this eleven-year-old girl is encouraged to leave the comforts and safety of home to face the beautiful, but harsh world beyond.
Will she do it alone? 
Or will she make powerful bonds? 

Her entries in this small lavender diary will tell. 

Entry 1

  Hastily scrawled out along the top of first page in a hand that expresses a wild excitement is, 

  "Alola diary!
  I don't have much time to talk, but I'm leaving home for an adventure all my own! I have a friend, so don't worry. I'll write more tonight, I promise!"

Entry 2

♂ Kahua

  "It's nearly morning, but I've had the best day! Let me tell you, Diary!
  Remember when I said I had a friend? Well, we met yesterday during a ceremony. I was given a choice, but really we chose each other. I've named him Kahua, and after spending more time with him, I've found out that he's a very serious little fellow. Not only serious, but he seems to have a real passion for fighting! He certainly makes me feel safe."

  Her words seem to get sloppier near the end. It seems she fell asleep.

Entry 3
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue

  "I left home today, Diary. Don't worry, I'm not leaving you behind. I started you just for this, after all.
  I'm leaving home and it's really kind of sad. Mom seemed very excited, though! With her confidence I set off into the sunset to start my journey! I have decided to travel at night. I know it seems scary, but it's much more peaceful out and all the other people make me a bit nervous? "

  "Diary! I was walking through the grass down Route 1 and I came across the cutest little bird! My Pokedex called it a Pikipek, but you know what I call him? Anuenue! I had a few old beans still in my pockets, but even with the lint, he didn't seem to mind! Anuenue came hopping right up and ate them out of my hand! It will be more fun with two Pokemon by my side, right?"

Entry 4
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue

  "After spending a quiet night walking the trails, I got to learn a little more about Anuenue. I praised her after a battle hard fought, but she was such a bashful thing. If he didn't have all those feathers, I bet he'd be blushing! While we strolled under the stars with the sea crashing against the shore, I looked over to him on my shoulder, so small and young, kind of like myself. I thought he had a very thoughtful look in his eyes. And you know what, I bet I did too."

Entry 5
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi

  "Late in the night we finally made it to the big city, Hau'oli! Our legs were tired, or at least mind were. Kahua and Anuenue got a free ride on either of my shoulders most of the time. I was surprised to see all the shops were still lit up and open at even this hour! I grew up in a small town, you know, and everything closed as soon as the sun smack into Kanto. I took the liberty of ducking into a few shops to see if there was anything I wanted, but finding nothing worth while, I saved the money mom gave me.
  While exploring the city I came upon a sleeping Pokemon! He didn't even notice I was looking at him! And when I walked right on up to him, he didn't even twitch an ear. But boy, when I accidentally knocked a berry out of my pocket while looking for a Pokeball did he wake up! All that sleeping must have made him hungry, I guess? With another berry as a lure, he seemed more than pleased to make his bed in my pokeball.
  Speaking of catching some Z's, I'm in a pokemon center now and I think I deserve some rest as well! Roserade Tea sure makes you feel all warm and sleepy."

Entry 6
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi

  Kekipi does absolutely nothing. He's kind of like a big heavy toy, but you need to feed him and he'll laugh at you if you trip. Most of the day he just lays there and sleeps, or takes a nap in his pokeball, but the moment he's hungry he pops out without my say! I can't keep him in when he wants his beans! If I so much as step foot in the malasada place in town, he is out in a second! Not to mention he is easily spooked. A rockruff barked at him today and he vanished from sight! I spent all day looking for him. And as troublesome as he may be, I'm pretty worried...
  Maybe he'll turn up tomorrow?"

Entry 7
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi

  "I finally found him. He was on the beach this morning snoozing away under the sun! I had to chase some little kids off for poking him with a stick, but he didn't drown, which was a relief! He was just sleeping like always. 
  Today, while looking for him, I ran into a two very weird men. They flung their arms out in and spoke in such a disreputable way that they kind of reminded me of the kids who always got detention at trainer school. If they were in trainer school, they didn't study a lick! Anuenue and Kahua had no trouble dealing threatening their Pokemon back into their pokeballs. I hope I never see them again."

  "I met a girl today who was so tall and beautiful! I admit I was a little dazzled, and before I even realized it, I agreed to get her a Drifloon from some cemetery. She though it would make her cuter to have it. As I left the Pokemon Center, I reflected on that and thought it was a rather vain way to treat a Pokemon. They weren't an accessory after all, they were friends. Maybe I'll go check out the cemetery though."

Entry 8
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea

  "I wasn't too intimidated by the idea of going to a cemetery, it was just a bunch of stones wasn't it? But with... dead bodies buried beneath? Alright, I may have lied a little, I really didn't want to admit I was scared. But after walking up Route 2 and strengthening my nerve by battling some trainers, I went in. Cemeteries are scarier at night, especially on these moist islands. I jumped at nearly every headstone I passed because, in the cool mist, I thought they were ghosts coming to get me! 
  All I needed was a drifloon and I could go! But then I heard it and... Diary, you'll keep this all secret right? I wet myself. Just a little! Not everything! But I heard the scariest wail and I don't know what happened, my bladder just let go!
  Before I could hightail it out of there, a real live ghost appeared! I was frozen solid and scared to death, almost, but boy was it the prettiest ghost I had ever seen. I thought it must have been a beautiful woman before they died because she had hair that floated around like she was under water, and these large perfect eyes. 
  It turns out, the ghost was actually very nice and seemed very sorry after watching...pee run down my leg. I tried to leave once she gave me some distance, but she just kept following me... I guess I'm haunted now, huh?"

  "Diary, it turns out Nohea is a boy."

Entry 9
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea

  "Last night I woke up screaming! It wasn't a nightmare, but Nohea was floating in the middle of the Pokemon center and wailing his head off, and the first scream was such a start that I couldn't help but add to the noise! It was so embarrassing, all the other trainers looked very annoyed, and I had to jump up and try to urge Nohea into a pokeball! He didn't submit at first, I think he just wanted to ruin all our eardrums. But finally he settled into the ball.
  As I laid back down, I wondered... What made him scream like that?"

  "I got kicked out of the Pokemon center, sort of... I guess nurses can only be so welcoming for so long. Kekipi had escaped his ball while I slept through the morning and raided the food for the injured Pokemon. Nurse Joy smiled, but I could see that she was pretty annoyed underneath it all. You could totally see that her eyes were burning, and had she been a Pokemon herself, I bet some Hyper Beam would be unleashed! 
  Making a quick escape, I stumbled out into the muggy afternoon and prepared myself for an usual day of traveling in the sunlight. The streets of town were so much busier during the day, and I made good my escape down Route 2. Anuenue was my right side bird today as I waded through the tall grasses. There was something about his dreamy expression that always calmed my nerves. Not to mention he is a pretty good fighter!
  That whole day I didn't worry a lick, and had a moment to look out at the ocean and feel just as relaxed and dreamy as Anuenue."

Entry 10
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea

  "We traveled all day until night fell and I couldn't walk any longer. I'm not joking! My legs would have snapped if I had so much as taken another step! And I need my legs, how else would I wear cute shoes without them? So I set up camp, if that's what you'd call it... I've never been really camping before and I sort of just... Turn on my lantern and open up a can of beans for my Pokemon before eating some junk food I bought from the Pokemart. 
  Kekipi, as always, ate half the can and left everyone without enough. After he was full and asleep, I watching him the whole time while I popped open a second can of beans for everyone else. My heart was throbbing in my throat I was so scared he'd pop and eye open and snatch up the whole can! But he didn't stir, and Kahua and Anuenue happily shared while Nohea took a few of the left overs. He never seems very hungry, but maybe that's because he's dead..."

  "Diary, I just had the worst dream! I... Well I don't even remember what it was, but it scared me! I'm all sweaty, and not just from the heat. My heart is going crazy and my hands can't stop shaking! And I saw, I think I saw, some shadow creeping around the woods! I've woken up Kahua, he's so serious that I felt good enough to at least lay down again."

Entry 11
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea - ♂Mamo

  "I've had bad dreams that past two nights. 
  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I jump at every little noise now. I almost wish I was like Kekipi so I could just sleep through any noise, but it's not possible anymore. Every time a twig snaps, or Kahua so much as turns his head, I jump! I've seen that shadow too, the one that creeps around in the dark. I know he's watching me. I just know it! And I'm scared!"

  "I couldn't sleep, but it came. I heard it first when the bushes rustled, and when Anuenue popped up his head. If it caught the attention of at least one of my Pokemon, then it had to be a real sound, right? Well the sounds got closer and I curled up in my sleeping bag tighter, my heart pumping right in my ears as I sucking in my lips.
  I jumped when Anuenue squawked and the sounds of struggle started! Throwing the covers back, I couldn't see at all what it was in the dark, but I was sure going to crawl the other direction! When I escaped nearly being stepped on in their struggle, I got up and saw a flash of light that illuminated the monster! A drowzee!
  Scrambling at my belt for a Pokeball, I tossed it and the blinking red died down as the beast was captured. Panting, I got on my hands and knees and felt for my lantern, worried for Anuenue after the strange light. Was it an attack? Had he been injured? Finally, my stupid trembling fingers turned it on and Anuenue stood there just fine, pecking at the Pokeball with a peeved look, but he wasn't as small as he used to be. 
  Checking my Pokedex, I found he had evolved! Trumbeak of all things! Taking him into my arms, I gave my big boy a huge, and he gave me a kiss with his new beak. I finally rested easy that night.

Entry 12
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea - ♂Mamo

   "I hadn't put much thought into it until now. In fact, I'd almost forgotten why I had started on this journey in the first place. I'd gotten so completely caught up in enjoying the scenery and making new Pokémon friends that it just slipped my brain!
   What was it called now? The island trials? I think it was something like that. Why had I suddenly remembered? Well Diary, right in front of my very eyes is the Verdant Caverns! It's a little intimidating, you can hear all the Zubats squeaking inside, and something else...
   Im not going in today! We've all traveled so long that we can hardly stay standing! Or maybe I should just talk for myself, because Kahua already seems fired up! To his disappointment I decided to pick some berries up from a nearby farm."

  "Oh! Did I forget to tell you about the farm? Well, we went there yesterday with some mean grumbling tummies and the old farmer was being hassled by those those strange guys again. They were no match for Kahua and Anuenue! The moment Kahua evolved in the middle of the battle, his feathers all puffed out, they went running!
   Now I can have all the berries I want! Kekipi will be happy when he finally wakes up again. He's been gaining weight, even his Pokeball feels heavier!"

Entry 13
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea - ♂Mamo

   I can't see myself in the mirror at all today! No, I wasn't bitten by a Zubat, Im not a vampire! It's Kahua! He won't stop hogging my mirror! Ever since he evolved and can use his wings as weird hand things, he hasn't given up my pocket mirror. 
   All he did last night was flip his new feathers in front of it, and poke around his looks. I've never seen a boy who cared so much! And you know what's worse? I just know my hair is messy, and a cute boy who is sleeping at the Pokémon center too has got to have noticed it by now!
   I'm just going to die I'm so embarrassed! Please let this just be a phase! I need my pocket mirror back!"

Entry 14
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea - ♂Mamo

   "We're going in Diary! Wish us luck! 
And maybe get me a flashlight, it's kinda dark looking in there..."

Entry 15
♂ Kahua - ♂ Anuenue - ♂Kekipi - ♂Nohea - ♂Mamo

   "My heart is pounding! I've never been so nervous! Or so disgusted! There are Rattata all over in here, and they're so mean! If I so much as step near their little holes in the cave walls, they hiss and jump at me! The Zubat likely think I'm one of them now I've screams in such a high pitch to many times!
   But I've finally made it! The light at the end of the tunnel! There's a man here and he tells me that up ahead is the totem Pokémon of the caverns. If I defeat it, I'll be one step closer to mastering these trials. I've taken a small break to eat a few berries and feeds my Pokémon some beans. I want them in tiptop shape for whatever is next!
   Anuenue doesn't seem too worried, but Kahua is fired up! I can hardly get him to sit still and eat his beans! Kekipi, as usual, is asleep in his Pokeball... he hasn't really learned how to fight, so I don't think I'll disturb him. And I haven't so much as touched Mamo, I'll admit I'm afraid he'll give me nightmares if I let him out again... maybe I'll have the confidence after this fight? I'm not too worried, but Nohea seems a little quieter than normal. It unnerves me a little, like maybe he knows something big is up ahead..."

See you later Pokemon Trainer...

Pokemon Profiles and Status


Pokemon: Dartrix
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Likes to fight
Location Met: Iki Town

Pokemon: Trumbeak
Gender: Male
Nature: Bashful
Characteristic: Often lost in thought
Location Met: Route 1

Pokemon: Abra
Gender: Male
Nature: Naughty
Characteristic: Loves to eat
Location Met: Hau'oli City

Pokemon: Misdreavus
Gender: Male
Nature: Serious
Characteristic: Sturdy Body
Location Met: Hau'oli Cemetery

Pokemon: Drowzee
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Takes plenty of siestas
Location Met: Route 2



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